Chemical Evaluation And Research Directorate

The functions of the Directorate are:

  1. Managing of chemical safety risks
  2. Conducting surveillance and monitoring of hazardous and harmful chemicals in circulation
  3. Conducting scientific research on chemicals (Industrial, Laboratory, Restricted, Agro-chemicals and Controlled chemicals etc)
  4. Developing and providing policies and science-based advice and information on chemical risks assessment
  5. Developing and promoting standards, regulations and guidelines on the handling of chemicals
  6. Regulating and controlling the manufacture, exportation, importation, advertisement, distribution, sale and use of chemicals
  7. Investigating and Inspecting production, storage premises and raw materials for chemicals
  8. Ensuring and assuring compliance with International and NAFDAC current good manufacturing practice regulations
  9. Inspection of premises of foreign manufacturers of regulated chemicals for import to Nigeria to ensure quality assurance and to certify production sites
  10. Review inspection finding and production regulatory action for violators.