Pharmacovigilance/Post Marketing Survey (PV-PMS) DIRECTORATE

Following approval for restructuring of NAFDAC for greaterefficiency, the Pharmacovigilance/Post MarketingSurveillance Directorate was created amongst others witheffect from 8th November 2012.The new Directorate is structured along PV, PMS, FDICand PHP collaboration Divisions.


Its Functions include:

—  Coordinating of pharmacovigilance activities nationwide

—  Creating awareness on pharmacovigilance among health professionals, healthcare providers, marketing authorization holders and the general public

—  Post marketing surveillance of regulated product (Quality & Safety)

—  Establishing and maintaining a functional national database on ADRs and other medicine related problem

—  Providing science-based advice and information on rational use of drugs and post marketing surveillance of NAFDAC regulated products

—  National and International collaboration on safety issues with public health programmes and similar institutions