How long does it take to process a chemical import permit?

It takes two (2) weeks from the date of submission for renewal and additional applications without any compliance directive. For fresh applications, it takes about one(1) week from the date of inspection of the office and warehouse if there is no compliance directive.

How much does it costs to process a chemical import permit?

For fresh application, it costs twenty-two thousand five hundred and fifty Naira (N22, 550.00), for the first twenty-five (25) items and eight thousand five hundred Naira (N8, 500.00) for subsequent twenty-five (25) items. For renewal of chemical import permit, it costs ten thousand five hundred Naira (N10, 500.00), for the first twenty-five (25) items and eight thousand five hundred (N8, 500.00), for subsequent twenty-five (25) items. For additional chemical import permit, it is fifteen thousand seven hundred and fifty Naira (N15, 750.00), for the first twenty-five (25) items and eight thousand five hundred Naira (N8, 500.00), for subsequent twenty-five (25) items.

What are the ranges of items that Chemical Import Control Unit issues permit for?

General chemicals (non-controlled chemicals), car care products, lubricants/ additives, fire extinguishers, sealants, etc.

What are NAFDAC requirements for storage of chemicals or chemical products?

  • The storage facilities/warehouses should be located in an industrial area.
  • The Warehouse should not be located in an office complex, market or residential building.
  • For rented warehouse, photocopy of evidence of payment of rent or certificate of ownership for Company using its own warehouse must be submitted.
  • The following safety aids must be available in the warehouse, i.e. fire extinguishers, nose masks, hand gloves, eye goggles, overalls, safety boots, first aid box, pallets and source running water.
  • Standard ndard Operating Procedure (SOP) for storage and handling of chemicals must be pasted at strategic locations in the warehouse.
  • Chemicals in the warehouse must be properly labeled and stored on pallets

What are the reasons why some material safety data sheets (MSDS) are rejected?

  • If the MSDS does not have the name and address of the manufacturer
  • If the MSDS does not contain the specific chemical composition of the item
  • If the MSDS is suspected and confirmed to be fake.

Who is qualified to be a Company’s technical officer?

The technical officer should have at least an OND in any of the science related disciplines.

Who can collect the Company’s permit?

  • A Company’s staff with valid I.D. card or
  • Director of the Company whose name is listed in the Company’s Particulars of Directors (FORM CO7), with evidence of identification like valid Driver’s License or International Passport.

Who is qualified to submit fresh application for a Company?

It should be the Company’s technical officer or any management staff of the Company.

Who is expected to be in the warehouse during inspection?

At least the technical officer should be available.

Why is inspection of Company’s office/warehouse carried out for fresh applicants before issuance of chemical import permit?

  • To ascertain the suitability of the warehouse for storage of items being applied for
  • To ensure that the Company’s technical person is knowledgeable in storage and handling of chemicals or items being applied for.
  • To ensure that the safety aids are provided in the warehouse.
  • Office inspection is carried out to ensure that the Company exists.

How are NAFDAC fees paid?

NAFDAC fees are paid with Bank draft addressed to NAFDAC in full. Payment in cash is not acceptable.

What is the purpose of the inspection conducted by Chemical Monitoring unit?

The Chemical Monitoring unit inspects to assess the location, storage, capacity, handling, usage, technical Personnel and disposal of chemicals on routine basis. The unit also inspects the Warehouses and offices of Companies that apply for listing certificates to ensure they meet the expected requirements for Chemical handling, storage and marketing.

Why should a Chemical marketing Company obtain the Listing Certificate after collecting chemical import permit from NAFDAC?

The Listing certificates are issued to marketers be they importers or local marketers after they have met the requirements for listing and it authorizes them to market and sell chemicals in Nigeria whilst the Import permit is an importation document that enables an importer, marketer or end user to import Chemicals into Nigeria.

Company Officials often ask inspectors on routine inspections why they were not notified before the inspection?

As a rule, routine inspection is supposed to be unscheduled. The objective is to see how Company Officials normally handle Chemicals in the absence of inspectors

Why do some regulated products do not have NAFDAC numbers?

Any regulated product without a NAFDAC Number is deemed fake by NAFDAC ?

What is the difference between Drug Abuse and Drug Misuse?

Drug Misuse is the use of drugs without following the doctors prescription, this includes, over dosage and under dosage.

Drug Abuse is the indiscriminate use of drugs for non-medical purposes such that the emotional, mental and psychological state of the user is affected.

How can we identify fake drugs?

Any drug without the following information:

  • list of active ingredients
  • No full name and address of manufacturer
  • No expiry date/ batch number and manufacturing date.
  • No NAFDAC Registration number
  • No English translation on the label and label sound- alike with a registered brand
  • Storage conditions not written on the label
  • Directions for use not on the label

Why Is Federal Ministry Of Health The Sole Importer Of finished Narcotic Drugs?

It is an administrative arrangement for the control of Narcotic drugs and to ensure sure that these drugs are only available for medical and scientific purposes only.

What are Controlled Chemicals?

Controlled chemicals are chemicals, which can be used illicitly to manufacture Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. The importation and exportation of these chemicals are controlled internationally by the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB). Examples are Hydrochloric acid, Potassium Permanganate, Toluene, Acetone, Sulphuric acid e.t.c.

Why Are Some Drugs Banned?

A drug is banned when it is found to be injurious, poisonous or have serious adverse effects on man.

Why Are Some Chemicals Banned?

Chemicals are banned when they are found to be poisonous to man or hazardous to the environment.

When was NAFDAC established?

NAFDAC was established by decree 15 of 1993 now NAFDAC Act Cap N1Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004.

What is the effect of Kola Nut and Coffee abuse?

Kola nut and Coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant and it usually keeps users awake .It also stimulates the secretion of gastric acid from the stomach thus resulting in ulcer, constant headache e.t.c.

Is it necessary to go to the clinic even when you have a simple headache?

Yes, because headache could be an underlying symptom of a disease in the body e.g. Malaria, High Blood Pressure e.t.c...

How can you help someone who is a drug addict?

Drug Addicts are usually taken care of at Rehabilitation Centers/ Psychiatric hospitals. Counseling is also effective.

Does Paracetamol and Panadol Extra contain cocaine?

Cocaine is not present in these drugs. However, Panadol Extra contains caffeine and paracetamol.

How can you identify a drug addict?

The signs of drug addiction includes,

  • Possession of drug paraphernalia e.g. lighter
  • Change in mood
  • Sudden decline in school performance.
  • Stealing at home and at work place.
  • Criminal Behaviors/Tendencies

Can we divide antibiotics capsules /tablets for childrens use?

No, children should be given the syrup of the corresponding antibiotic when prescribed by the doctor

Can we divide antibiotics capsules /tablets for childrens use?

No, children should be given the syrup of the corresponding antibiotic when prescribed by the doctor.

Is it advisable to share drugs with others for the fact that similar symptoms are being treated?

Drugs should not be shared as people presenting with similar symptoms may have different underlying conditions. Thus, people should consult their doctor. Even when the same ailment is being treated because dosage, body weight, side effects/allergies, and tolerance differ.

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